Under 13s boss it at West Nab

And CVFR is certainly bursting with emerging talent with impressive performances from the youngsters at West Nab, the second of the junior English Champs races. Sam Annison was 3rd under 9, and Calder Valley dominated the first 10 places in the under 13s with William Hall 3rd, James Duffy 4th, Patrick Casey 5th, Alex Duffield 6th and Joseph Hobbs 7th. The under 11s (Charlie Pickens, George McFie, Finley Canning, Fearne Hanson, Ben Hodgkinson, Ollie Pickens) really shone as did the under 15s Ruby McFie, Maya Brunt and Eilo Beesley, who overtook his rival from last season. In this very competitive age group there was good steady progress in the under 17s for Lucas Greenwood too.