Stanbury splash 2019


On Sunday, 13th January, Wharfedale Harriers hosted 93 juniors & 254 senior runners for their annual Stanbury Splash Quarry Runs & Soreen Stanbury Splash. Given the atrocious weather conditions, all who raced should be commended – with runners struggling to stay on their feet in the driving rain & gusting winds.

Even the junior competitors’ quarry races were unusually blustery, so much so that CVFR’s rising star Harry Cliff, described how he opted to let the runner who eventually came second go in front of him, so he could shelter behind him from the wind, until the final climb.. At that point, Harry stormed ahead to take first place in the under 9’s boys’ race.

Harry Cliff’s race plan – credit Dave Woodhead

All of the CVFR juniors who raced ran well, especially Emilia Wright who finished first U15 girl and Ted Parker  who placed an impressive 11th in his first race after moving up to the U11 age category.

Ted Parker – credit Dave Woodhead

Finally, Sam Annison, who was aiming for a top 5 finish, may have come in 7th, but this was despite losing one shoe in the false start & the race starting without him (the other runners having misheard ‘no’ for ‘go’ set off without him). Sam deserves credit for not only getting his shoe back on but battling his way back into the race to finish so well!

Sam Annison’s comeback – credit Dave Woodhead

Junior Rota 8 Jan – 12 Feb


 Date Coaches Volunteers
8th Jan Andy Thirza, Martin, Jackie
15th Jan Andy, Richard Thirza,
22nd Jan Andy, Richard Thirza, Jackie,
29th Jan Andy, Richard, Gill Jackie
5th Feb Andy, Richard, Al
12th Feb Andy, Richard, Gill


Last Sunday saw the old and the young gather at the start line in Penistone Hill Country Park for a  5 mile circuit up and around the Stoop standing stone, a fell race organised by Wharfedale Harriers.

CV juniors excelled in their efforts too with young Harry Cliff securing 1st U9. Other CV youngsters included Ted Parker (U9), Thomas McKee, Olivia Falkingbridge and Fearne Hanson (all U 11s)

Harry Cliffe , U9 winner

Harry Cliffe U9 winner

Calder Valley out in force at the Withins Skyline

Withins Skyline – 68 mini fell runners took part in the Junior race, 18 from CV. In a tightly contested finish, CV’s young Harry Cliff won the U9s by less than 1 second with his team mates Joseph Stone and Leo Hackett finishing a few second behind him and securing 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Juniors: Joseph Stone,Harry Cliffe and Ted Parker (photo: Tara Stone)

The U11s saw 3 CV juniors all finishing in the top 10 with Thomas McKee finishing 5th, despite one of his shoes succumbing to the bogs and him running the course with just one shoe! Ollie Pickins came in 6th and Sam Annison 8th. Charlie Pickins was 1st U13 home, with Tom Owen, Leo Illstone and Fearne Hanson all finishing in the top 10.

CV’s Alex Duffield was 2nd U15 with team mates Addison Willis, Elija Paec-Webb, Maya Brunt and Emilia Wright also all finishing in the top 10.


Curly Wurly fun for Calder’s hoops

Old and young red and white hoops took to the fells last Sunday, dashing across Bronte country at the Withins Skyline fell race.

Starting from Penistone Hill Country Park and circuiting The Stoop and Top Withens, the 6.2 mile senior race then returns by Bronte Bridge. Paul Haigh, first CV home, completed the course in 48 minutes, 5 minutes faster than last year and finishing an impressive 25th out of 246.

The juniors were out in full force flying the CV flag and bounding with Curly Wurly energy. All 20 juniors ran brilliantly. The girls paved the way, with Maya Brunt first girl home in the U15s and Emilia Wright 3rd. Four boys finished in the top 10 in the U9s with Harry Cliff, clearly inheriting his father’s skills, finishing 2nd, Joseph Stone 7th, Leo Hackett 8th and Ted Parker 9th. The U11s saw Ollie Pickins 10th boy, Wynn Standish 15th and Olivia Falkinbridge 7th girl. Similar results were seen in the U13s with Charlie Pickins 6th and George McFie 7th and Fearne Hanson 8th girl. Will Hall was 4th boy and Elijad Peers Webb 8th in the U15s.

Prizes for Calder Valley’s Youth

This weekend saw a fantastic display from CVFR’s young talents and experienced, club veterans in Championship races both home and away. (see for senior report)

English School Fell Running Championships

The sun was shining on the CVFR juniors who made the trip to North Yorkshire on Sunday for the English School Fell Running Championship. Hosted by Giggleswick School, in North Yorkshire, the forecast had been for rain and lots of it. Fortunately this did not materialise. Four hundred runners representing schools across the country were scheduled to take part throughout the day in four races organised by year group. This steep and challenging course is designed to be ‘varied and technical’. In stunning conditions, the championships started with the Y7s 2.7k route with 130m ascent, culminating in the final race of the day, Y12/13 running 6.4k with 276m climb.

CVFR Year 7 boys put in fantastic performances to win 2nd prize for Calder High School – Charlie Pickens (7th), George McPhee (9th), Tom Owen (11th), and Seth Howson (37th). Ilkley took first School.

Calder Valley’s Will Hall finished 8th in the Year 8/9 race, contributing to the silver medal for his school, Stoneyhurst. Joe Hobbs (Calder High) and James Duffy (Crossley Heath) also ran well finishing 16th and 23rd respectively.

North Wales Junior Mountain Running Championships

Whilst many of the older members saved themselves for the English Schools Fell Running Championships on Sunday, a hardy troop of juniors tackled this deceivingly tough race on Saturday in the beautiful setting of the Great Orme in Llandudno.

Harry Cliffe looked assured throughout and came home with the silver trophy. Ted Parker not far behind securing a solid top ten finish.

Ollie Pickens ran a storming race in the U11s, leading for a while but kept battling to get 4th boy with Wynn Standish getting a hard fought for 8th.

Fearne Hanson ran a hard and brave race to come home with 6th girl.