About Us

Calder junior section started up in June of 2006 (worth getting that fact straight now to avoid any embarrassing mistakes in 20 years time eh Rod). It started with the sole idea of providing young people from in and around the Upper Calder Valley with the opportunity to take part in a fun active healthy experience. It is for all children regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and ability. All the sessions are overseen and co-ordinated by Level 2 UK Athletics Coaches and we intend to get our runners competing against each other and runners from other clubs both locally and nationally through healthy competition which is aimed at encouraging effort as well as success. Whilst we would seek to encourage young people to compete, to learn to win and lose we would always ensure that running with Calder valley Juniors is about having fun.

And so after much talking and planning the first training session took place on 27th June with our first four juniors – Edan Whitelaw, Ryan Mcalpine, Matthew Kinton and Jack Knowle.

We decided to make the training sessions on a Tuesday evening before the seniors met for their club run in order to foster a sense of belonging. This way the juniors are leaving as the seniors arrive. We ran 5 sessions before we broke for the summer by which our numbers had risen to 13. During this five week period the club had also organised and successfully run 3 junior races – Coiners, Reservoir Bogs and Widdop. Whilst the numbers weren’t massive the races were competitive and enjoyed by all. No doubt the club will build on these as all three races are to become yearly events and coincide with senior races organised by CVFR.

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